Light Breakfast

A still life by David Sykes


One of my favorite writers / critics / bloggers / tweeters is Roger Ebert, as a recent Equire article puts it “Roger Ebert is no mystic, but he knows things we don’t know”.

I agree, and highly recommend his Journal and movie reviews.

Creative Block

Alex at ISO50 asks some great creative minds how they overcome creative block. A really interesting read. My favourites are Build and Erik Spiekermann.

Wrapping and storing cheese

I always wondered what is the right thing to do with cheese – here is the answer from serious eats.

My favorite line “Your cheese should now be starting to look something like a culinary Christo piece.”

Kids are awesome

A range of predictions for the coming decade by the youth of today.
Some, not so optimistic.

a few of my favourites:

“Everybody will have a jet pack.”

“I don’t think there will be a flying car, which is just unreasonable.”

“I think that in 10 years there will be phones that can tell you where your friends are at that time if their phone is on.”

“We will have a trombone case that has wheels, so I don’t have to carry it all the time.”

“There may not be any blue sky.”

“I think that there will be money trees. People always say that money doesn’t grow on trees, but I think that will be wrong.”

“The air will be polluted, and we will all live in a world filled with smog that we created. Our lives will be altered immensely, and we will be forced to live indoors, away from the disgusting world that was once so beautiful.”


These are a nice modern take on christmas trees from a Melbourne design studio.

Lego Sushi

A cool set on Flickr.

The evolution/creation debate

Sometimes I think we (humans) are going backwards.

A Muji Xmas

A friend of mine just sent me the most amazing Muji christmas decorations! 


They are made of simple flat perspex pieces that you slot together and stand up. 

They also have these super cute pop cardboard penguins on their website! Although it is such a shame Muji in Europe is so much more expensive than in Japan – but this is probably a good thing for my wallet.


Body Art

I think these two pieces of Art involving the body are really interesting. The models must have an incredible amount of patience, I’d imagine both would be very itchy.


Pics of Sticks
By Lucy McRae



Milky Way No.11
By Kerstin zu Pan 

(both via Today and Tomorrow)

The Ideal workspace

No wonder Michael Pollan is such a genius – his writing house is one of the best workspaces I have ever seen. And he built it himself!

Meanwhile I am excited to get my own desk soon, hopefully it will be one of the ‘Tisch-Böcke Cherie’ from Neue Tische.

New Documentaries

Visual Acoustics is a about the life and career of Julius Shulman, one of the greatest architectural photographers. His work is captures all the Californian modernist greats, I had not heard of Shulman before but was very familiar with his work, it really defined an era.

Objectified is the new film by Gary Hustwit, who also did the Helvetica documentary. His look at manufactured objects and there designers should be good.

Art & Copy is about advertising and inspiration. Some of the ad men look pretty intense, most definitely different to Don Drapers era (if you haven’t checked out Mad Men you should, it is an excellent series).

Now to just find somewhere is Berlin to see all of these films! I am most excited for Visual Acoustics. I hope if there are no screenings in Berlin I can still buy a download copy.

Daily Drop Cap

Daily Drop Cap is a new project by typographer and illustrator Jessica Hische, her lettering is always amazing and a daily task like this is sure to yield some interesting designs.

Mobile meat

A New York Times article about Berlin’s Grillwalkers – Men who walk around with a grill strapped to themselves, cooking and selling bratwurst on a roll.

Red Dust

The pictures of the dust storm that is sweeping over Sydney are amazing. Here is a nice collection on flickr.

Update: A set from the Big Picture just in

It looks so beautiful and eerie, but what was it like to walk around in?